Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Mee Tenom

This is the famous mee tenom. Everytime i went back to KK, i will go to the coffee shop located at Towering to have their Mee Tenom. Normally the coffee shop will crowded with people. You may need to wait for 10-15 Mins for a table. But for a good noodle, why not. For me, this is the best mee tenom i ever have in KK.

Mee Tenom ~ Topped with char siew, egg roll, green vegetable and egg gravy. It looks simple, but after you tried, you will love it. The noodle is the most important ingrediant for make a good mee tenom.

Oppppsss. I forgot the name of this coffee shop. I will go back to KK on next Monday. I will find the name of this shop and re-edit again. Come back and check for more.

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Isabelle Marciana said...

OOh gosh ! I missed that.. I only tried Tuaran Mee. There're so many foods in KK that I like.. and i should have fly over to eat!!!