Wednesday, January 2, 2008

J.CO Donuts & Coffee @ Sunway Pyramid

Finally i make my move to J.CO Donuts & Coffee on New Year Eve..I'm so lucky cos not need to Queue up for their donuts. Normally you have to queue for their donuts about 30 mins. Now i just need less than 1 minute to get my donuts. Phewww..So lucky :)

I have bought half dozen of assorted donuts which cost RM 10.95 (not including 5% tax) Let see what i got, i choose Why-Nut, Tira Miss U, Heaven Berry, Copa Banana, JCrown Oreo and Don Mochino

Awww..After few bites, i fell in love with their donuts. It's fluffy and creamy. The filling inside are very good and delicious. The cream will come out from your mouth and try to melt your heart. Gosh..I really fell in love with J.CO Donuts.


J.Co Donuts & Coffee

Sunway Pyramid (New)


Contact no: 017-3780177



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yammylicious said...

aww lucky u jus hv to queue up for less thn 1min.. u must be reach there damn early! =) nice one!

ekeng said...

hahaha...yup..You're right..i'm there on 11 a.m.

Nic (KHKL) said...

gosh..say no more! say no more!

with so many good reviews on this donut chain, i think i'll just suck up my pride and join the queue lar...sigh...haha!

sQuall said...

so neew to queue...

ling239 said...

i prefer the dark choc ones... ^_^

Big Boys Oven said...

just can't imagine that you wallop all those donuts yourself! lol! you must be working overtime!

Jun said...

omg u actually lined up for them?? *faints* i cudn't be bothered... @_@

Jason said...

I queued once at Pavilion and I think I'll never do that again... LOL.

Anonymous said...

Hmm... folks have been telling me about J.Co, said it's even better than Big Apple? Wah, why suddenly donuts everywhere?

I'll wait for them to open up a branch in The Curve/Ikano first lah... doubt I'll head all the way to Sunway no matter how fluffy they are... me lazy that way... :P

ekeng said...

yeah..go go go..prepare to queue for the donuts..haha :)

i reached there early no need to queue lor...

i will try Coco Loco next time.

big boys oven~
hahaha..Actually it kinda hard for me to finish all..but i did it..haha :)

i not willing to line up for 30 minutes..that's why i reached there need to queue up :)

hahaha...maybe u can go there no need to queue up lor..

haha...i also wanna know the answer..just like "xiu long bao"..every restaurant selling "xiu long bao"..haha :)

Anonymous said...

definitely a passionate food lover and cookies addict from yr post !

ekeng said...

Thanks for visit my blog..Your blog are not bad too :)

ai wei said...

happy new year!

whoa! i have yet to try J.Co.
wat's the name for the pinky donut? it looks lovely

ekeng said...

ai wei~
happy new year to you too :)
the pinky donut is Heaven Berry.It's so delicious,i'm sure ladies will love it :)

wmw said...

Lucky queue! I find J.Co's donuts sweeter than Big Apple and not as soft. However Big Apple donuts is oilier than J.Co.

ekeng said...

Big Apple is next :)

babyfiona said...

Oh gosh! I have'nt go the chance to take a bite yet! The other day i went sunway, and after queing for more than 20 minute..i gave up..because the line is not moving at all -___-"

ekeng said...

hahaha..lucky me..not need to queue..i won't queue up more than 15 mins :P

Simon Seow said...

Maybe the people in Sunway Pyramid not as donut crazy as the people in Pavilion.

Anonymous said...

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