Friday, February 15, 2008

Xiu Long Bao Farewell Part 2

After first round of Xiu Long Bao Farewell at Jalan Alor, i woke up early in the morning to meet up food bloggers at Hong Kee Tim Sum for second round of Xiu Long Bao Farewell gathering. When i reached there, i saw Nic just came down from his car. I found that we were the earlier two to arrived there. So we look for a table and wait for the others. The next person who arrived there was Jackson, followed by Sid & Citygal, WMW, Teckiee and Ivy. Well, there were 9 of us. The last one arrived was the Princess (xiu long bao).

Shang Chow Loh Mai Fan Came turned upside down in a clear bowl on the plate, the fried glutinous rice had generous bits of lap cheong (Chinese sausage), mushroom, egg and chives.
Gai Wor Pau This is an unusual thing in a dim sum restaurant. i saw this before on Ho Chak (8TV). It really caught my attention. Take a look's Loh Mai Gai inside a pau. So special right?
Egg Tarts it taste so good, beware !!! because it will melt in your mouth.Hor Yip Fan (Lotus Leaf Rice) It's glutinous rice inside lotus leaf rice. It's sticky, fragrance and delicious.

Lotus paste pastry Well, this is my favorite dessert. Especially on wedding Dinner.We also ordered assorted dim sum. Got siew mai, har gao, fish ball and something special.After a heavy breakfast, Sid brought us some freshly baked Macaroons. Thanks Sid for the delicious and lovely macaroons. I love it so much ^_^



No.18 & 20, Jalan SS 22/25,

Damansara Jaya, 44700

Petaling Jaya

Contact: 012 2130998 (Dr. Michael Ng)


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Nic (KHKL) said...

so fast ar? :P i've not even drafted mine yet...hehe..and you can remember the attendance in sequence! wa liao! i guess the star (besides xlb) was the lor mai fan despite being a tad oily :-)

ling239 said...

i love the egg tarts there.... ^_^

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i think the whole floggers world alr makan here d..except me lor..alot of loh mei la..i think i probably cant get up the chair n walk..

yammylicious said...

macaroons look so delicious!!!!!!!! i want!!!!!! and the egg tart look so temptation

ekeng said...

fast?? I tot i'm slow already..Took ur time to draft yours..Yes,i still can remember the attendance in sequence..hehe :)

i love the egg tarts too ^_^

i tot u been there already..So what you waiting for? hehe :)

yes,the macarooon are so delicious.If u want,you can place your order with Big Boys Oven.

teckiee said...

joe...u la.. lazy to wake up...

And yup... the egg tarts rocks!! Thats the only thing consistence over there...tho sometimes the not so fresh ones have the oil all soaked at the bottom of the pastry...

wenching & esiong said...

Yeah, loh mai gai in a pao really sounds special. Maybe we should try this out next time!

ekeng said...

yeah..i visited there again on last Sunday..i found that some egg tarts have oil soaked at the bottom of the pastry :(

sugar bean~
Yes..u should try it next time :)

Jason said...

Joe, I still havent came here too, dont be sad *pat shoulder* :P

Hazza said...

That Gai Wor Pau ( I never knew what it was called before!) is very common in the chinese restaurants in UK, so I presume is a popular HK dish. However, it looks more like a swiss roll here. Its so full of carbs, cant be good for you, which means its naturally delicious! I have read so many blogs about this place I cant wait till I next go home to try it.

ekeng said...

yeah...everyone went there except you ~~ Don't worry...i'm sure you can go there if someone give u a ride :)

yes bro..i think u should drop by this dim sum place for their Gai Wor Pau and Shang Chau Loh Mai Fan :)

wmw said...

Hahaha...a few of us had "red eyes", from lack of sleep from the late night before. Got same look one.

mimi said...

the gai wor pao looks special...I think after eat a whole 1 sure very full liao :)

ai wei said...

heard a lot about hong kee but hav yet to try. hopefully have the chance to try it some day lar~

ekeng said...

wmw~ too..i only got few hours sleep before breakfast with u guys :)

mimi~'s special..u sure one is enough for u? i need 2 to fill up my tummy..hahaha :)

ai wei~
i'm sure u will have chance one..But dun forget to let me know if u wanna visit there with Christine and Chris :)

Jackson said...

haha...sei la...u post their picture on yr blog!! ahha! Unfortunately the "Shang Chao Loh Mai Fan" doesn't tasted as good as before

Precious Pea said... censoring one ar???

ekeng said...

yalor..the shang chao loh mai fan are too oily that day..nvm la..i ready to kill by them at Sid place :)

precious pea~
i don't know how to use censoring ler..SOrry ya..Post ur half face only ;p

Julian Si said...

Some good dishes at this timsum place , I agree :-)

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