Sunday, February 24, 2008

Potluck @ BBO Place

Went to Big Boys Oven place for Potluck last night. Their condominium are awesome. It is considered as one of the most affluent neighbourhood and close to conveniences. Ok, skip that to the food now.

Let see what i brought. I can't cook, so that i bought Roasted Pork Knuckle from the Restaurant nearby my house. It's quite good i think. Cos it only left all the bones at the end. Thanks to Lianne who want to tapau all the bones for cooking soup.

Xiu Long Bao brought us Sushi Roll. She did a hard work on the sushi. Got crabstick, omelette and spicy tuna. Thanks for let me tapau all your sushi back home.
Nic brought us Bruschetta. It's very delicious. I curi makan when some of the blogger still taking photo. Bad ekeng, Bad ekeng. Well Nic, you have done a great job.

Teckiee brought us Caramelized Pork with Spaghetti Omelet. Don't you think that it was pretty. It taste very delicious and sweet. Well done dear. You did a great job. Everyone love your creation :)
Jackson brought us Chicken Curry cook by her mother. Oh, it taste very good. I love the spicyness and aroma of the curry. Ehh...I feel that we missed one thing right? Ahaaaa..White rice..We asked Sidney to cook rice for this chicken curry. Chicken curry won't taste good without rice. Agree??Jennifer brought us Roti Jala. She made this by herself. It taste delicious and you can eat it plain or you can eat it with curry sauce. Yummmm ~~~
She also brought us Pork Curry. Wow, i love curry. So that i can't stop to eat eat eat. The curry sauce was good to eat with rice or roti jala.
This is the Bread brought us by ling. It was fresh and soft. I found that some of the blogger dip it with curry sauce. Haha :)
Another Chicken Curry brought by ling. For the bread i think. Yeah, it's was good and delicious. I really have a lot of chicken curry last night. Haha :)
Wmw brought us Teluk Intan Chee Cheong Fun from Damansara Uptown. Normally i will get my chee cheong fun in Dim Sum place. But this kind of CCF are different. No juicy prawn and No Char Siew inside. This one was filled with lots of turnips, dried shrimp and sesame seed.

Christine and Chris brought us Fried Spring Roll (Popiah) bursting with ingredients of minced dried shrimp sambal, fresh prawns and crabstick. It was soooo delicious. Well done. You did a great job :)
Lianne brought us Angle Hair Past with Portobello and Truffle Oil. It's was goooooood. I'm a big pasta fans. So you did a great job. cos Tai Kor love it. Next month got Election, will propose u become Tai Kar Jie. Hahaha. Kidding one :)
Not that all, Lianne also brought us Canape Combo of Mango & Sardine. Wah, Fusion Food of the night. Simply delicious.
Nian Gao, steamed and coated with shreaded fresh coconut from Lianne.Dessert time...........Tiramisu with sexy chocolate legs from Sunny.Awww, it taste so good. One word to describe --> "WONDERFUL"
Passion Fruit Cake from Sunny. It was creamy, soury and sweet. I love the sourish taste of the cake.They also baked Mini Cupcakes. According to Sunny, this is Vanilla Cupcakes.
The last dessert of the night was Macaroons with chocolate filling. Oh my god, it taste soo good. Two thumbs up for this.

I wanna give a big thanks to Big Boys Oven for organising a lovely potluck party at your beautiful condominium.


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Simon Seow said...

Wow. Roti jala with chicken curry or pork curry, bread with chicken curry. Pasta with truffle oil, i can smell the truffle oil already.

teckiee said...

Wahhhhhhhh so fast! going over to Imbi&Itchy's place for the pork soup tonight? hahaha

mimi said...

I like the roti jala, I like the passion fruit cake, I like the pig knuckle, I like everything in ur entries!!!!

teckiee said...

can i steal your bread pic that ling made? I didnt take the pic of the bread.

Big Boys Oven said...

Walio, so fast. I still sorting my pictures lol!

ai wei said...

sigh... i missed this huge event. sob... so many wonderful dished but i could only sobbed with books at home... sobz

ling239 said...

Tiramisu with sexy chocolate legs are so creative ~ ^_^

wmw said...

Love the food spread...I was wondering about the soup that Imbi&Itchy are gonna make with the bones!

jason said...

OMG, so much curries! I think I'll flood the CCF with curry!

sQuall said...

so many dishes...

celine said...

Well, another fruitful potluck...

yammylicious said...

=( so jealous about it!! i wan all the dessert! angle hair!! spring roll!! t.T i wan all of tat!

Nic (KHKL) said...

everything tasted great that night! i was too busy playing Edison that i forgot to eat some of the dishes...sigh...bad boy..hehe...

Ling's Passion said...

Wah, you guys & girls (Imbi & Itchy) sure work fast. I haven't even tranferred my photo to my computer. Am glad you like my bread. Will bake one specially for you when we get together next.

ekeng said...

simon seow~
hahaha...i miss the pasta with truffle oil..super delicious :)

hahaha...i still waiting for her invitation to taste the pork soup..hahaha :)

Oh yeah,u can copy the bread pic if u want :)

hahaha..Don't worry..i will ask Sid to invite you next that u can eat all you can :)

big boys oven~
hahaha..i admit that i'm a bit fast..i can't wait to share the food with all the world..haha :)

ai wei~
Oh dear, don't be sad..You only miss one,i'm sure still got more to come..You can join us next time if u free..Cheer up !!!

Yeah...that's so creative and funny too :)

yeah, i still waiting for her soup la..Thanks for the Anson taste so delicious..Tai kor love it..hahaha :)

Hey,good idea hor..i must try it out next time.

yeah, potluck ma..must bring food there and share..

yup, it's full of fun and joy :)

don't jealous la..will invite you to come next time..if not, i will tapau some for u..okay? hehe :)

nic bro~
hahaha..nvm la..u eat less but u have become our blogger idol..beat down Edison Chan :)

ling's passion~
Thanks for your special bread first..i don't want bread only..i want cupcakes also..can or not? hehehe :)

Precious Pea said...

Aaaarrrrggghhhh!! I missed all that! Grrrrrrrrr

Hazza said...

Wish I was there :(

ekeng said...

precious pea~
How's ur bangkok trip? Nvm la..still got more to come :)

hahaha..faster come back to Malaysia :)

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

hey boy, u didn't give me ur email so i can't give u my contact. mail me at :)

oh, nice chocolate legs, bboven!

ling239 said...

where u bought the kaki babi ? :p

Jun said...

gosh seems like u guys had a feast!!! :O

ekeng said...

ok i will email you my contact number.

i bought the kaki babi from Restoran Sun City at Taman Bukit Mayang Mas.

jun~ are u doing? are u back to Adelaide now?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

super curry fest! many diff curry chicken..must hav had a long spicy after taste!

ekeng said...

well,the curry not so spicy :)

~Christine~Leng said...

the fusion of food was just delicious!! I crave for more food gatherings like this! :)

ekeng said...

i also hope more to come :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for such a great post and the review, I am totally impressed!