Thursday, February 21, 2008

Air Asia Latest Scam

Dear reader, I had received a call (Private Number) from a Malay guy this morning. He told me he calling behalf of Air Asia. He talk to me very politely. So that i gave him 5 minutes to finish his bullshit. First, he identify my address with me. So that i can trust him. He offered me Air Asia Go Insurance product. He offered me to buy a PA (Personal Accident) policy from AIG (American Home Assurance Company). Then i asked him whether he from Air Asia or AIG. Then he told me he is telemarketer from AIG. What the Fuck !!! Just now he told me he is from Air Asia, now he told me he is from AIG. Banyak tipu la !!! Nevermind la !! I told him i'm not interested and i already have insurance. Then, he said it's very cheap, just start from 80 cents a day and RM24 a month. When i ask him how to pay him if i'm interested. He ask me to pay by using Credit Card. Haaa... Now i know..Credit Card Con Job again..Arrggg...Nevermind, let's play some games with him. I told him i don't have Credit Card. He asked me to borrow Credit Card from my brother or sister or borrow from my parent. Then i told him they also don't have Credit Card but we have Bonuslink, Jusco Card, and Mesra Card. Hahaha (evil laugh) He quickly answer me that he will give me a call if i have Credit Card. What !! You wanna call me again. Don't waste your money to call me again. I will make you mad until you got heart attack ;p

Dear blogger and reader, please becareful of this kind of scam. Please don't give out your credit card information to anyone. It shall be private and confidential. Please forward this and tell everyone you know including your friend, your family and your colleague. Don't let them become the next victim. You can copy this post and forward to your friend by email.

I advice everyone to check and identify with Air Asia and AIG (American International Group) if you received a similar call.

Thanks for wasting your precious time for reading this post.

Hong Kong Cai (ekeng)

Useful Information~

Air Asia

Website :
Contact : 03-8775 4000

American Home Assurance Company (AIG)

Contact : 1800 8888 11
Fax : 03-2058 5112
Email :


Nic (KHKL) said...

thanks for the info, dude...yeah, i always believe that there's no such big, juicy chicken jumping on the street one (cantonese saying)...hehe!

mimi said...

thanks for the info... I think u do the right thing by fool them back :)

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

i got tt call about 2 weeks ago, n i cut him off right when he told me its about insurance. i didn't even realise it's a con thing until i read this. Thanks kaijai , er, HK jai.

~Christine~Leng said...

wo.. usually if I get calls like this, I'll just cut off their line if they insisted talking non-stop ;P

ekeng said...

welcome bro..i also believe no free lunch and no big chicken jumping on the street..hahaha :)

Thanks...I really don't like this kind of scam :)

Welcome Kaima..You must becareful next time..Just said "Tak Nak" to scam :)

me too~~ but that day i got mood to play with him..haha :)

Jason said...

Thanks for the info. Shall be careful with these type of calls.

ekeng said...

welcome bro :)

wenching & esiong said...

Thanks for the information. If I get this kind of call, I'll just hang up on them immediately. Haha!

ekeng said...

sugar bean~
You're welcome..Just becareful when u get this kind of call :)

Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

I got that call too !and just becuz we click on GOSecure insured in AA when purchasing ticket and i feel so unethic for ppl having our creditcard # + info and do telesales
I m kind enuff, i let that bitch talked for more than 10 mins + , and telling her off I'm just not interested !

Muhammad Warouq bin Qamar said...

damn im lucky. i accidentally jumped to ur blog. last week i got this phone call from this malay guy talking about this air asia insure thing. i wasted my precious 10 minutes and told him to call me back next week. so this morning i got this call again from the same guy. i told him that i don't have any card. he kept telling me to use any card with visa logo on it be it my mom's, my wife's or my dad's card. i was sensing something bullshit's gonna happen. thank you for this infos, man. im really happy now i found out the truth. im so not gonna answer his call again.

kilik said...

recently, a woman not man, she talked very much same, she talked bla2...then, she said that the insurance payment can be paid through credit card, (I just wanna play further)...she asked the 3 digit number of the credit card..Since that, I suspect it was some kind of hoax, realizing that. I knew this number should be kept I told her I had lost my credit card..