Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Amazing Race Asia Season 2

Don't you guys love to watch The Amazing Race Asia ? For me, I never miss every episode of The Amazing Race Asia Season 2. I addicted to it. I willing to gave up a date or dinner for watching this great reality show. From 22 November 2007 till 14 February 2008, i will turn on AXN (channel 701) on 9pm every Thursday to watch TARA. Crazy right?? I admit it.

Congratulations to Collin and Adrian (Singapore Team). They are the Winners of The Amazing Race Asia Season 2. They have traveled over 51,534 KM and visited 10 countries and explored 15 cities. You guys are strong and outstanding. Secondly, i wanna Congratulations to Pamela and Vanessa (Malaysia Team), you girls are the best. I never saw a girl drive Super Fast Machine on a F1 Circuit. You girls Rock !!! I feel proud of you girls...Malaysian Boleh !!! Sadly, you can't finish in first place but at least you girl beat down Marc and Rovilson who lead the race. Finally, i wanna Congratulations to Marc and Rovilson (Philippines Team) who came to the last. Don't feel sad guys, you have won a lot of race, you guys are totally crazy and outstanding. You guys are funny and make a lot of fun in the race. Well Done guys. Now you guys can go back to Philippines and ready for another Fun and Amazing South Africa Exploration.

Adrian & Collin (Singapore)Pamela & Vanessa (Malaysia)
Marc & Rovilson (Philippines)

For more information, please check the official website

or you can watch the replay episode at Youtube


ling239 said...

so have u register yourself for the race or what ? ^_^

Hazel said...

Happy Chap Goh Meh.

yammylicious said...

2 cute babe from malaysia! awwww~
to9 going to throw banana?!
thn i throw at drain onli la~ lol

ekeng said...

Nope..i have yet register for the race..It's totally crazy..I don't think i can get 3 months annual leave from my company..hahaha :)

Happy Chap Goh Meh to you too :)

Yeah, Pam & Van are cute..Sorry babe, why wanna throw banana to9??
i'm not Local..i'm from Sabah..We throw Durian :)