Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I'm feeling tired on my work and really wanna go for holiday. I went to travel agency this morning and get some information on latest promotion. The consultant gave me a great deal. That's 5 days 4 nights Bangkok-Pattaya (Full Board) package which including air ticket and it's cost about RM1138 (twin sharing). I didn't make any payment to him because i told him i wanna do some comparison with others travel agency first.

The trip will depart on 08 March and back to KL on 12 March. It's seem perfect to me because i can celebrate my birthday at Thailand. But the only problem to me is i'm alone. Do you think that it's good to travel alone by using tour package? or better buy Air Asia ticket and travel in backpacker style?

Hmmm...Now i need help from those people who been to Thailand. Give me some advice.

I wish to know how much you spent when you visit Bangkok?

Are u booking the hotel by online or thru Travel Agency?

Anyone wanna go Thailand with me?? I can treat you eat thai food at Bangkok. Haha :)

To anyone who interested travel to Thailand with me, Please don't hestitate to contact me for more information :

Ekeng (016-8301428) or email (

or leave me a message at here. Thanks !!!


squall said...

i love bangkok...and like travel thr much...just visit thr last month and August 2007...
if u travel alone, better dun take the travel agnecy package...u can go thr just find local tour trip package....hotel thr are cheap and u just stay nearby the sky train stataion...then transportation will be no problem...

Jackson said...

Wow..... u looking for travelmates here? LOL? WHat if someone that u dunno interested to go with you? Personally i suggest you not to take travent agent package as they include a lot of unnecessary package as they will bring you to those "tourism" spot whick will "potong leher"... somemore if u go without package, u can enjoy lots of street food rather those agent hotel food, rite?

Precious Pea said...

When you going? Am going this Friday, you should have told me earlier. Anyway...don't need to take package tour. Book airasia as they having promo now and get own hotel. It's much cheaper that way...and once you reach there, take those local day tour. I heard nothing much interesting in Pattaya.

Nic (KHKL) said...

The last time i went:
Flight (AirAsia) - RM400
Accom (internet-booking) - RM160 (3 nights)

so, RM1000 is more than enough. but no pattaya lar...

i think no need tour agency lar...more fun if you travel on yr own!

ling239 said...

my fren booked the airasia return ticket to Bangkok at only RM10 (RM5 one way) so tai ah.... ^_^

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

i agree with pp, don't bother with tour groups. Bangkok is pretty safe. i would love to go there again, esp for the food. i didn't like the sleazy part tho, esp when little kids come up n offer hard core cds n stuff. problem is, its everywhere. very sad.i heard pattaya is worse, so pls don't go there.

mimi said...

Went to Bangkok twice, Pattaya too...
Bangkok is a shopping paradise & Pattaya not much to see, for me lah coz I don't like water sport :P
My advice is u no need to the the package, u can plan ur own itinerary :)

ekeng said...

hey bro,thanks for your link..Really appreciated it :)

hahaha...yeah,i looking for travelmates..someone i dunno ar..can also la..Can make new friend ma..Thanks for advice..If not,i will kena potong leher lor :)

precious pea~'s too late for me to join u already..nvm la..i will do some research first..maybe i can choose to go there on Songkran :)

i wish to go for backpacker style..but someone told me that's for "ang mo" only :p
Thanks for ur info bro..really appreciated :)

i know that promotion..but it's start from JUNE 08..i can't wait anymore..i need to fly on next month..cos i will go back on Kota Kinabalu on April 08 ^_^

terri (kaima)~
ok..i will listen to your advice..i will plan the trip by myself..and save some money to treat u eat at KK :)

i'm not going Bangkok for shopping..i just wanna relax and enjoy my holiday at there..anyway,thanks for advice..Really appreciated :)

Big Boys Oven said...

hahahahhaha get an escort when you are in Bangkok!

ekeng said...

big boys oven~
What kind of escort ar? Got Good one and Dirty one wor ;)

Jason said...

Bangkok is a nice place to visit, cheap and good street food and also great place for shopping.

Pattaya's attraction is mostly beach and water sports, so if you like water sports, then maybe it's suitable. For me, there's not much thing to see in Pattaya. It takes about 3 hours to reach Pattaya from Bangkok.

The first time I go Pattaya was a very tiring experience so I'll stick with Bangkok.

ekeng said...

Thanks for sharing...I will try to make my own trip to BKK only :)

Anonymous said...

what happens to this blog since 2009 its totally zilch in news