Monday, December 10, 2007

Bakerzin @ One Utama

It's been a while i didn't go shopping. Since it was Year End Sales (YES) in Malaysia . I took this opportunity to shopping at One Utama. One Utama is my favorite place to shop, dine and entertainment. Because it's near my house..Hehehe...

Outside Bakerzin.
Inside Bakerzin. A simple christmas decoration interior.
I've ordered tapas. You can choose either 3 tapas, 5 tapas or 7 tapas. There are 9 choices of tapas offer.
I choose chocolate and caramel ice cream with hazelnut rice crispies, raspberry panna cotta and vanilla crème brulee. I like the vanilla crème brulee a lot, the vanilla cream are very delicious. RM 15++ for 3 tapas. (RM 17.25 including tax)

Below are the selections of tapas.



~Christine~Leng said...

i have yet to set food here.. so sad :(
I wanna go.. it's been quite some time i shopped at 1 U. haha ;)

Nic (KHKL) said...

i always pass by this place but nvr once step in..hehe..heard the desserts are are some of the main dishes. love the caramel on the creme brulee.. ;>

ekeng said...

ask your boy boy to bring u there mah..hehe ^_^

i never try the main dishes before.
the sugar on the creme brulee look nice right? actually it's hard like rock. i've to knock harder to crash it ~_~