Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Hut Restaurant,Kota Kinabalu

This is the first meal i took when i reached Kota Kinabalu on 27 October 2007 (Sat) .

Here is some conversation with my friend,

Me : "Hey bro, where we go to have lunch?"

My friend : "Boss,you decide it."

Me : "Ok,let's have lunch at The Hut Restaurant."

My friend : "Ok boss."

So we headed to this restaurant. When we go inside the restaurant, the waitress greet us with a great smile. I found out it's a nice place to have a peaceful lunch or dinner.It's very clean with nice interior.

We choose their set lunch which cost RM14.99++ . The set come with a cup of coffee/tea, a soft bun and margarine, a bowl of mushroom sup, a main course and dessert. First, i choose a cup of coffee.Soft bun with margarine. The bun are still hot and it's good to serve with margarine.The set come with a bowl of mushroom soup. Simply delicious.For the main course, i choose to have Lamb Chop. It's taste so good, juicy and tender. Highly recommended.

My friend choose to have Mix grilled, what inside? Fish, Lamb and chicken chop. I grabbed a bite of his fish. It's taste yummy and i like it.

After finished our meal, they serve us with a cup of vanila ice cream. Sorry guys, i forgot to took picture for my ice cream, cos it's just a cup of normal NESTLE vanila flavour ice cream.

Overall, i give 8 out of 10. This restaurant is highly recommended to everyone. It's very reasonable and won't burn your pocket.




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