Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Hut Restaurant,Kota Kinabalu

This is the first meal i took when i reached Kota Kinabalu on 27 October 2007 (Sat) .

Here is some conversation with my friend,

Me : "Hey bro, where we go to have lunch?"

My friend : "Boss,you decide it."

Me : "Ok,let's have lunch at The Hut Restaurant."

My friend : "Ok boss."

So we headed to this restaurant. When we go inside the restaurant, the waitress greet us with a great smile. I found out it's a nice place to have a peaceful lunch or dinner.It's very clean with nice interior.

We choose their set lunch which cost RM14.99++ . The set come with a cup of coffee/tea, a soft bun and margarine, a bowl of mushroom sup, a main course and dessert. First, i choose a cup of coffee.Soft bun with margarine. The bun are still hot and it's good to serve with margarine.The set come with a bowl of mushroom soup. Simply delicious.For the main course, i choose to have Lamb Chop. It's taste so good, juicy and tender. Highly recommended.

My friend choose to have Mix grilled, what inside? Fish, Lamb and chicken chop. I grabbed a bite of his fish. It's taste yummy and i like it.

After finished our meal, they serve us with a cup of vanila ice cream. Sorry guys, i forgot to took picture for my ice cream, cos it's just a cup of normal NESTLE vanila flavour ice cream.

Overall, i give 8 out of 10. This restaurant is highly recommended to everyone. It's very reasonable and won't burn your pocket.




Friday, October 26, 2007

Food Blogging

I'm a new blogger who want to blog about food. I feel that I'm addicted to others food blog which i surf on this few months. I'm not good in explanation and description. So i will use the simple and easy way to show you all my food reviews. I will do my best on my new blog and post more about my food review. Thanks :)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

OktoberFest is back

Yes,it's back.German beer for RM 1 is back. It's on 26-28 Oct 2007, 5pm onwards at LG Floor Rainforest,One Utama New Wing. Near Kluang Station and you can use the exit nearby Secret Recipes. Don't forget to bring your 50 Cent coins to exchange. Currency notes are not accepted. So sad i can't be there this year. I've to fly to Kota Kinabalu on this saturday. Hope everyone can have your good time at there. Have Fun. Have a safe weekend.